Is Saw Palmetto The Next Acne Cure Or Just Another Myth?

saw palmetto acne

We’re always on the lookout for new acne treatments. That’s why I was pleased that I came across some user reviews on saw palmetto as an acne treatment. After some research, it turns out that this herb is surprisingly popular for all kinds of ailments. In this post, I’ll find out what saw palmetto actually is and whether it can cure acne.

What Is Saw Palmetto? Seriously? What Is It?

Saw palmetto is a plant, a small palm tree with berries to be exact. It is these berries that are used to make medicine.

The main medical use for saw palmetto is treating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. But there are reports that saw palmetto can do a lot more, including curing acne. I’d never heard of this remedy, so wanted to get the facts myself, and share with you whether saw palmetto for acne is a real natural remedy, or just another myth.

The medical benefits come from the berries, which are full of fatty acids and phytosterols (also referred to as plant sterols). The fatty acids in particular are the power behind this supplement. But phytosterols are gaining ground when it comes to skin care. Research suggests that phytosterols can help restore and replenish the skin, while helping reduce spots.

Scientific Evidence – Any Proof?

There isn’t much actual conclusive scientific evidence for this treatment. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the main active compound is polysaccharides, which has anti-inflammatory properties. So this is a positive for inflammatory acne.

When it comes to hormonal acne, research suggests that this herb can alter testosterone levels. So it could be a good treatment for female acne, cause by hormonal imbalances.

While I’d like to see a lot more scientific evidence to back up claims, it does look like saw palmetto for acne shows a lot of promise, despite the lack of concrete evidence.

User Reviews – Does It Work?

When looking at user reviews for saw palmetto, you’ll see around half the people who have tried this remedy saying it helped them tremendously. With the other half saying it didn’t do much at all. User reviews are therefore inconclusive, just like the scientific evidence. So clearly this is not an effective natural treatment for everyone. On the plus side, it does certainly seem worth a try if over 50% of users are seeing positive results.

There haven’t been many side effects reported after using saw palmetto, apart form rare cases where people suffer mild side effects such as dizziness or a headache. You should speak to your doctor about the recommended dosage and whether it is appropriate for you to take, should you have concerns about side-effects.

Verdict – Does Saw Palmetto Treat Acne?

Overall, this is not the best natural remedy for pimples I’ve tested, and the lack of scientific proof isn’t encouraging. On the other hand, it’s clearly working for many people. But a large number of people who have tried it aren’t seeing clearer skin at all.

Because it is effective for some people, it may well be worth testing this herb out to see whether it can help you get rid of spots, but there might be better treatments available for you. If you do want to buy it, I would recommend you buy it from Amazon to get the best deal.

If you do try saw palmetto, you may want to combine it with herbal teas for acne for maximum impact. You may also want to take a look at the other natural remedies on this page, and see whether there are any cures which you have not tried yet. Right now, our readers are seeing the best results using natural oils, such as argan oil or tea tree oil.


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