ClearPores Review – Is Clear Pores a good acne treatment?

ClearPores is a unique acne treatment. It’s unique because it combats acne from within and outside. It does this in a three step process which includes a supplement, a special facial wash and facial cream. In theory, these three products combined should attack the symptoms and the causes of your outbreaks and leave you with cleared skin.

Some of the key features we found from undertaking this ClearPores review was that this is a product backed by healthcare professionals and herbalists. In addition it is manufactured in a cGMP certified pharmaceuticals-grade lab. This is all very impressive, but does it actually help you get rid of acne? Let’s take a closer look.

What is ClearPores?

clear pores acne treatment reviewClearPores is a scientifically formulated skin cleansing system. There’s three different system depending on the severity and type of skin problems you’re suffering from. One is the “Facial System” which targets the face as the name suggests. It includes a wash, supplement and cream. This is really the basis of this acne treatment system. The second package is the “Body System” which includes a body wash, a body cream and a herbal supplement. The third package you can buy is the “Complete System”. This combines both the face treatment and the body products – so this is ideal for those suffering from bad skin outbreaks on both their face and body. Note that the herbal supplement is also sold separately if you don’t want the special wash and creams.

The herbal supplement is key in the healing process as it resolves some of the leading causes of spots. It includes ingredients such as Dandelion Root, Aloe Vera, Burdock Root, and Red Clover among other well known herbal remedies for pimples. These will help eliminate toxins, regulate hormones and keep your body healthy so it can focus on eliminating those nasty zits. In other words, it restores balance to your body and is a key foundation for the creams and washes to start taking effect. Without the supplement, the impact of these would probably be a lot less than they are now.

Does ClearPores work?

We looked at many customer Clear Pores reviews to see just how many people were able to get rid of spots using this treatment. As usual, with any health product sold on the Internet, there is a wide range of reviews. Some like it, some don’t, other couldn’t live without it. Overall however, the general feedback is positive.

Clear Pores actually has numerous signed testimonials from satisfied users which it openly shares. This gives me a lot of confidence that this product does indeed work. What’s more, they offer a money back guarantee for 90 days – this is probably the best guarantee we’ve seen so far and takes away all the risk from trying it.

clearpores reviewThe way the system works is that in the first few weeks, the herbal supplement, the wash and the cream will detoxify your skin. It will get rid of dead skin cells and bacteria which have been clogging up your pores and actually causing your pimples. After this initial healing period, you’ll see the inflammation and redness disappear. Part of the reason they offer a 90 day guarantee instead of a 30 day one is that it does take time for the skin to heal itself using these products. It’s possible you won’t see results in the first month, and all of this could make things worse before it get’s better. However if you follow the instructions and keep using the products, you should be seeing very good results within a month, maybe two.

The company claims there are no side effects, but note that while no prescription is needed, if you’re pregnant you should ask your doctor before taking the herbal supplements.

We do note in the ingredients that both the face wash and cream contain Salicylic Acid. While Salicylic Acid is a very effective acne treatment it can be relatively harsh on the skin in terms of causing dryness. This doesn’t seem to mentioned anywhere and maybe it’s not been a real problem. But you may want to monitor whether your skin is becoming too dry.

ClearPores Review – Conlusion

To conlcude this ClearPores review we had a closer look at the customer testimonials. Based on the customer reviews alone, we think it’s a great product to try out. The company offers a 90 day guarantee so there is no risk in trying it out. The supplement is 100% natural and has no reported side effects. The triple system, including the pills, wash and cream are likely to be more powerful than using just an over the counter cream.

Based on all of this, Clear Pores deserves a space on this website and deserves a chance to help you get clearer skin.

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